Octopus Notify

System Tray Notifcations for your Deployments

I love Octopus Deploy. We use it extensively at my current client, deploying multiple concurrent releases across an ever-changing environment landscape.

The one thing missing for me was a system tray app to let me know if a deployment fails. This can happen frequently as our continuous integration environment is cloud-based and started up on-demand.

I was surprised to find that such a tool did not already exist. I found OctopusNotifier, but this is a console application and requires Growl in order to work.

I wanted to create a stand-alone application that sits in the System Tray and so Octopus Notify, my first GitHub project, was born!

A sample toast notification


The first version of Octopus Notify is pretty simple. Based on your Octopus dashboard, Notify will popup toast notifications when a build succeeds, fails for the first time, fails again or is fixed.

You need to create an API key to use with the app. You can select what types of notifications to receive, have the app start with Windows, change how often it polls Octopus and that's it!

Future Development

In the future I want to make the notifications totally customisable. Rather than simply using the Octopus dashboard, I would like to be able to customise notifications by project group, project, environment and channel.